Service Type 0 – 30 min 30 min – 1 hour 1 – 3 hours 3 – 6 hours 6 – 12 hours 12 – 24 hours 2 – 7 days 1 week
Tariff FREE Le 10 Le 20 Le 40 Le 100 Le 175 Le 450 Le 625

• Freetown International Airport offers parking with a capacity
of 200 lots located directly in front of the terminal. The car
park operates 24/7 and is accessible with a parking card
obtained at the entrance. The following terms and rules apply:
1. The car park is available 24/7 with access based on a
parking card issued at the entrance.
2. The parking card must be retained until exiting the parking
3. Parking fees are payable at the payment office located at
the airport exit. Fees are applied for each subsequent day.
4. All traffic rules and staff instructions must be obeyed
within the parking site. Exceeding the allotted time or daily
slots by even one minute will result in additional charges.

• Parking is at the user’s own risk. The airport is not responsible
for any damage, theft, or accidents that may occur.
• Fees collected are strictly for parking services.
• Keep your ticket secure to avoid penalties. In the event of a
lost ticket, a minimum penalty of 500 NLE will be applied.