Welcome to Freetown International Airport 

We want to make your departure as easy as possible; so here are some preparation tips that will make your time at our airport even more comfortable:
• Keep all the necessary documents on you, i.e. your ticket, valid passport, visa, if needed, and other travel documents
• Check the contents of your baggage considering the permitted size and weight as airlines are applying strict controls (check your airline’s security regulations)
• Check your insurance
• You can enjoy our pleasant restaurants and shopping areas
• Contact your airline if your child will travel alone or if you would like to travel with your pet.


• Check-in area is on the ground floor of our airport.
• You can find your check-in desk by looking for your flight number on the flight monitors.
• It is recommended to check in at least 2-4 hours before your flight’s departure.
Check-in procedures
Before Check-In, please prepare your passport and ticket for Airline Profiling Company.
• The check-in staff ask for your ticket and your passport
• Your luggage is weighed, checked, and automatically transported to the plane
• You receive your boarding card indicating your departure gate and your reserved seats
• From here, you are guided to the security control and the gate area

Departure Fee – Arrival Fee

• You can get all the information and make the payment from this address https://securipass.sl/